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El Paso Child Custody Attorneys

When children are involved in divorce and family law issues, the situation can be incredibly stressful and emotional. In Texas both parents are obligated to serve as joint managing conservators unless it is indicated that the situation would impair a child's health, well-being or development. This means that both parents have equal rights and duties with respect to child custody. However, in most circumstances, one parent is designated a primary caretaker meaning that the child lives with that parent for a majority of the time. As a parent involved in a divorce you have the option of requesting a social study with an impartial party to determine the circumstance and assess the better living situation for the child.

These issues can get complicated and heated, but it is important to have an advocate to determine what would be the healthiest residence situation for your child. A skilled attorney can help you do just that.

Fort Bliss Child Visitation Lawyers

We at at the law firm of David Hilles, Attorney at Law are prepared to work on both standard and nonstandard cases and issues involving out-of-state visitation access.

It is important to note that in these issues settlement provides considerably more flexibility and control in your resolution. Litigation puts much of the discretion in the hands of a judge who will follow precedent. It is our goal to try to help you settle as efficiently as possible while preserving you and your children's best interests. If that isn't possible, we are ready and willing to take court room skill honed in more than 1500 cases to advocate in your interest.

If there are move-away issues involved in your case, we are prepared to bring experience to work in those as well.

To discuss any Texas family law issue with an El Paso child custody lawyer in a free initial consultation, call 915-751-4552- or e-mail the firm.

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