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El Paso Child Support Lawyer

While support issues, both spousal and child, can be fairly straightforward, each case can present difficult issues that usually require the advocacy of an experienced lawyer.

El Paso Child Support Attorney

Regardless of the issues involved in your support case, we are committed to investigating all details to arrive at the most fair and equitable situation for you and your loved ones. Child support is calculated to include 20 percent of a parent's net monthly income for one child plus five percent for every other child. It is key to ensure that the actual income is correctly calculated. In practice this means accurately assessing:

  • Health insurance
  • Federal or state income paid
  • Union dues
  • Medical conditions
  • Unique child expenses or other extenuating circumstances

Because we have more than two decades of experience in more than 1500 family law cases, we are able to efficiently investigate all of these issues to help you work toward a best possible outcome.

It is also important to note that throughout the life of a family economic situations change. When this is the case, we can demonstrate to the court a substantial and material change that warrants a change in support.

To discuss any Texas family law or divorce issue with El Paso child support attorney David Hilles in a free initial consultation, call 915-257-4640 or e-mail him.

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